Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

Anyone want to go RVing? This is Jerry and Barbara's little "Castle on Wheels". All the way from Fayette, Alabama.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with some very good ol time friends. Jerry and Barbara were the very first friends we made when we first moved to Starke. In December it will be 35 years. (Where does the time go).? We had such a good time. Jerry and Barbara are the kind of friends that you may not see or even talk to for years, but when you do we just pick up where we left off. When they moved back to Alabama we hated to see them leave, but over the years we have always got together from time to time. They live about 45 miles from the University of Alabama where Richard went to school. We had a great time watching the Alabama-Ole Miss game yesterday. They are both retired now and travel around in this little "Castle on Wheels". It is so nice. Literally driving your house around. They spend a lot of time in Destin, Fl. but made their way down to Starke to visit us. Jerry grilled some great Burgers with all the trimmings. Barbara made a great lemon pie for desert. We just spent a lot of time reconnecting and finding out what everyone is doing. They have 5 grand-children and we have 4 so we never ran out of things to talk about. Jerry and Gary were in a singing group when we first moved here. Jerry played drums and Gary the Bass guitar. That was a lot of fun and we thought back on all the fun we had in the "old" days when we were all young. They have a grand-daughter that is going to Auburn (that other school in Alabama) that we love to see lose at football. She is on a academic scholarship. They are very proud of her even if she went to the "wrong" school. Ha.

Jerry, Barbara and Gary eating dinnner. I always remember the camera when everyone is eating.
Jerry being Jerry. You can see they are big Alabama fans too! Love to see that "Tide Roll".
Don't hold your breath too long Jerry
Nice little home away from home. Duplicate picture here, but hey, it is very late and I am posting this while I am half asleep. It was such a nice cool day. We finally had to go inside because it got "very cool". I was actually quite cold. It was after all down in the 60's.


Alice said...

Nana, you're still young :) and I don't mind the duplicate pictures. It's called double reinforcement - I'll remember it better now :). And, yes, I showed my daughter your picture in your Disney shots and she said she did sit in front of you in church this morning :).

Karen said...

That's quite the ride! I want to see Gary ripping on the guitar!

Nana said...

He doesn't do much ripping on anything anymore. He is pretty much ripped out. Ha.
I think it is quite a ride. I wouldn't want to drive it, but it sure was nice.

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

GO BAMA!!! Glad you guys had a good time together. Nothing like old friends.