Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is Winter on the Way?

Yesterday I took a picture of this trying to catch the bluebirds on the feeder. They took off as soon as I got near, but I thought the picture of plant (I won't even try to spell it) was very pretty. Usually they bloom in the summer. Mine always wait just until it gets ready to get cold and then the cold knocks it back.

Tonight it is supposed to get down to freezing. Is that CRAZY??? This is Florida in October.
Wonder what it will look like in the morning.

Here is our Chinese Honey tree. As you can see it is loaded. We have already been eating some. They are not quite ripe yet so they are tart...well actually very sour and that is how we like them. When they turn orange they become very sweet and then I don't like them as well. They are good. Hope the cold doesn't hurt them.


Alice said...

You know I love flower shots and these are beautiful. I love the way they are growing along the fence. How did they do (and your fruit tree) with last night's cold?

Nana said...

They are all ok. The flowers not quite as pretty but the fruit is ok. It was cold though.

Karen said...

O wow - I hope the freeze doesn't kill the flowers or oranges!