Monday, October 20, 2008

Gotta Love those Bluebirds

I have been trying to catch these little guys on my camera for weeks. Every Spring we have bluebirds that nest in this one birdhouse. From time to time during the winter months they will come back and check out their house and make sure no one has moved into it. But for some reason they have been hanging around all the time for the past few weeks. One morning I saw 4 of them which makes me think some of them are from their nesting last Spring. I love to watch them. They are so pretty and very tough little birds. They will fight any other bird that gets near their house. I have seen them fighting a big wood pecker, a black bird and a mocking bird, and doves. They are also know to try to chase away all the finches that come every winter. There are ususally so many finches that they don't get them to leave. We love watching them when they make their nest and lay their eggs. All during this time the male bird brings food to the female. When the babies come the male bird takes care of the babies as much as the mommy bird. They bring food in to the babies all day long and when it is time for the babies to leave the nest both the mommy and daddy bird is there to be sure they get off safely. It is really neat to watch them.
I was very excited to beable to get a picture of them. Usually they fly away as soon as I go out the door.

These two pictures are of the male bluebird. You can see he is bluer than the other one,
This is the female. She is more a grey blue than the male who is very blue.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

It's quite clear where Hannah gets her love for birds from!!

Wife and Mom said...

Those sweet birds are adorable--I never see blue birds except in pictures and little figurines. They are some of my favorites.

Karen said...

They are so pretty! I don't think I've ever seen them up here. I was reading in the paper today that if you use a telescope or good binoculars up here in the tundra when the moon is at least half full, you can see against the light of the moon the geese and other large breeds flying up high during their migration. Very cool.

Nana said...

My friend Anita was SO excited she had at least 10 Canadian Geese that had landed at their pond and stayed there a long time. She got some pictures. I told her I would have to be sure and tell Hannah that they have got to Florida. Hannah and I always try to keep track of when they leave there and come down here and when they leave here and go back up north how long it takes them to make the trip.They go a long way in a pretty short time. I love to bird watch.