Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Pictures from the boys playtime

We took the boys to McDonalds after the pumpkin patch. Tanek was very hungry. He ate all his lunch and part of Masons. This was the first time I had ever even been inside this McD's. Since the boycott is over I went there. They had a lot of fun and ate a good lunch.
They really enjoyed the playyard. They got up quite high and enjoyed coming down the slide.
Meme had to go up and make sure they were not going up too far. I think she had as much fun as they did.
She actually came down the slide and said it was pretty fun.

Tanek was very proud of himself for climbing up so high.

After a very fun day at the pumpkin patch and McD's he was worn out. Time for a short nap. I only let him sleep less than an hour and he was up until 11:00 PM. He is a night owl like his Nana.

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Alice said...

I especially love the one of Tanek all crashed out sound asleep at the end. That's a picture of a day well spent :).