Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sticker FUN!

About a month ago Meme Anita gave Tanek a little bag of 100 cars stickers. He played with those for so long. After we finished those I looked for more and couldn't find anymore cars stickers, but I found Winnie the Pooh and Thomas Train and he also loved playing with these. He puts them on books and on himself and on me. Then he takes them all off and starts over. These little bags are $1.00 for 100 stickers. A dollar well spent. It brings him hours of fun. It also gives him opportunity to learn all the characters in the Pooh story and Thomas Train story. He already knows the names of every car in the movie but he is learning all the other names too. He is very precise where he wants to put these stickers. Today he was such a happy little guy and we had such a great time playing all his favorite games. One thing he loves to do (and I don't really like much) is putting puzzels together. It is amazing how well he puts them together. He can put them together faster than I can.
He and I both had stickers on our noses. He has the conductor from Thomas the Train on his nose.

Such a little sweetie. He keeps Nana busy, but he also makes everyday very special.


Karen said...

He reminds me soooo much of Austin - same likes and dislikes. I still have a box of stickers that I collected for Austin. Austin loved puzzles, but today likes doing mazes. It'll be interesting to see if Tanek does - I bet so because they both are pattern oriented (lining up cars, puzzles). It's a boy thing!

Wife and Mom said...

These pictures remind me of some days here with my Brooke. She is really getting into the sticker thing. My boys always loved stickers too.

Thinking way, way back . . . I loved stickers and had a special album for them. I used to go and buy special ones at the mall to add to my collection. I must confess that I still glance over at them in Wal Mart when I pass through the cards.