Saturday, September 6, 2008

September in Florida!

This is Not a joke. This was the temperature at 6:15 PM today. Summer is NOT over yet. This is the time of year we look forward to fall and cooler temps, the upcoming holidays. is still summer here.
A few roses have enough strength to come out in this heat.
These Chinese Honeys are looking good. About around Thanksgiving they will be ready to eat. This tree is loaded and they are so Yummy.
This poor little daylilly says "I'm Hot". When we get to January or Feb. I will look back and wish for this hot weather. But for now....I could take 70 degrees.


Alice said...

I love the bird houses! How wonderful they look!

Karen said...

O my heavenly stars! That's how hot is was on July 4th! We were about 70 today - that's a 50 degree difference!!!