Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Gary got home late Monday night after spending 2 weeks in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He spent time with my sister and brother as well as his sisters and brother and family. He missed all of "Fay" and I was here to take care of everything by myself. I told him I would keep his garden watered. Well, in 2 weeks I didn't have to water it once. I did have to spray it a couple times for bugs and pick peas. He is back now and it is all his....again.
It is looking pretty good. These are some of the peas in the background that the grand-children planted while they were here. We had some for dinner last night and they were very good.
Last night a deer got in the garden and it enjoyed the peas too. Hopefully it won't come back for another dinner tonight.
The okra is finally about done....thank goodness. I picked some of that yuky stuff for him and put it in the freezer, but I certainly don't like okra.

So, if the deer will leave the garden alone, and we don't get flooded out by Hanna, Ike, or Josephine, we should have plenty of peas. Thankfully the garden sits pretty high up and the soil very sandy. Even with 12 inches of rain in one week it didn't drown the garden.


Patti said...

Tell him welcome back from the Crawfords.

Great looking garden!

Caterpillers wiped-out my tomatoes, red potatoes & beans during the Fay rainy days. I knew we didn't need to water so didn't keep a close eye on things & those hundreds of critters were amazingly FAST. I'll pay closer attention next time!

Wife and Mom said...

Welcome Home Papa!!! I have missed you! I'm glad you got to make that trip.