Friday, May 2, 2008

What a Day!

I don't have any pictures for today, but Stephanie will post some later on her blog. Today we worked on their new area in front of their house. It was really fun (I thought). Ricky and Gary didn't really think it was all that fun. Kinda like Richard, he doesn't think it is fun either. But Stephanie and Tanek and I had fun. What is so neat to me is that you can take an area that has never been used and transform it into a beautiful area. It reminds me of what God does in our lives. Sometimes our soil (heart) is hard and dry and rocky. He clears out all the junk and puts in things to make the soil rich and sweet. Then plants things. Some are strong and grow fast and big. Some are delicate and need extra care and protection from the harsh weather. But they all work together to make a beautiful area. That is what we did. We got it all dug up, raked and weeded and ready to plant. We added good rich potting soil designed to enhance the plants we are using. And WOW! The area is beautiful. How rewarding is that?
We have been working on an area at our house too and I will post pictures when it is finished. But to me gardening is just so rewarding. I love taking these flowers and plants and trees and just making an area beautiful. It was fun having the family out there working together. Even Tanek had his part in it. We all were dirty and tired but Stephanie and I thought we had fun.
Heather and Richard have been doing a lot of landscaping in their yard too. I am waiting on more pictures of their work. Gary has been spending lots of time in his garden growing food and I am busy growing flowers. Now Stephanie and Ricky are doing landscaping and I personally just think it is a very rewarding thing to be doing this time of year. SO, stay tuned and you will soon see some pictures of everyone's hard work.

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Wife and Mom said...

Sounds like you all had quite a day!