Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Friends and Grand-children

Today my good friend Jackie stopped by. Tanek was in his "no nap" mode and so he got up and entertained her. It only took him a minute or two to get over the fact that he didn't know her and to put on his "show off mode". Of course Jackie is a seasoned grandma and now a Great grandma to several children close to Tanek's age, so she is a natural. They played and he gave her hugs and kisses. He knows no stranger for long. When we were trying to talk if he couldn't keep me occupied so I couldn't talk he kept her occupied. He was definitely going to be the center of attention and he was. Of course, not being a photographer I didn't even think about taking pictures until after she was gone. She hasn't seen him since he was really little and she was surprised at how he had grown and progressed. He certainly has caught up with being a 2 year old and he is one active little guy. It was fun to see him interacting with her and he was loving it.

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