Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Pacific and the Gulf

The top picture is of the Pacific in Oregon. My sister just went there. The Pacific is beautiful. The waves are big and surfers love it. There are mountains and clifts that just add to the beauty. Usually it is cold and the water is rarely real warm especially in the Pacific Northwest.
The Gulf doesn't have the mountains (at least not in Florida) or the big waves unless a hurricane is brewing. However, the beauty of the clear aquamarine water, the warmth of the water and the soft white sand are very beautiful. I grew up going to the beach in California and Loved it. I love the big waves and it is so much fun to be out there jumping in them. (or was when I was younger) but I also love the beaches in Florida. I love the warm water and that you can go way out and it not be deep. I especially love the Gulf. I love the clear blue water and white sands. So, in my opinion, anywhere that you have beaches is a good thing.


Karen said...

We were in San Diego a few years ago, and I was in awe at cliffs and beaches in the same place. Being a Florida girl, I couldn't imagine a beach that wasn't flat! I thought it was so beautiful - I'll have to post a picture from that trip. We LOVED California! Glad you had a great time!

Wife and Mom said...

Beautiful pictures Nana.