Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Beach Pictures

Most of the people we saw on the beach seemed very nice. We did meet this one crab. He was about as happy to get away from us as we were for him to go. This is in front of our little beach house we stayed in. It was quite comfortable. There was a pool right outside of our porch.

Tanek loved the pool as well as the beach. It didn't take him long to let us know when he wanted to go to "the beach" or to the "pool". He is quite the water baby. He fell asleep as we were walking on the beach. Stephanie was carrying him and the next thing we knew he was out. There was no waking him up either. We took him back to the house and put him to bed. He was out for the night....that is until 3 am and then he was through sleeping. As a matter of fact we were all through sleeping.

These were some pictures of the sun breaking through the clouds. It looked so pretty as we were walking on the beach.

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