Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow and Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we got snow.  Not a lot, but enough to look pretty and be fun, and then it was gone the next day.
Emily is catching snow flakes on her tongue.
 It's starting to snow, so it is time to get the basket ball out.

 Watching the snow flakes.  They are about to get better.

 Hannah and her dad playing basketball while waiting for the snow 

 Even managed to get papa out for a picture
 Now it is coming down and is so pretty

 Even Bailey and Brody want to catch some snow flakes
 Their home looks like a winter wonderland

Hannah and Brody (I think) with his Christmas Jammies on.
The family before Christmas eve service

Christmas eve and the traditional Daddy -daughter dance

And Hubs-wife dance.  Kirsten didn't want a picture this year.

This is the mini snowman that Hannah and I built from the little bit of snow we had.  
The snow princess with her grand-parents

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