Friday, February 1, 2013

Disney & ikea

Last week Stephanie, Tanek and I took an overnight trip to Orlando.  We spent a day at Disney, Hollywood Studio's and
Downtown Disney.  We love Disney and Tanek has a ball.  His favorite thing to do is ride Thunder Mountain and go to the Lego store at DT Disney.  

And he loves being with his mommy.

Wearing his Pluto hat and getting ready to ride.

 It was a beautiful day.  Sunny and pretty warm.  It started out cool but warmed up nicely.

 The next day we went to ikea.  Stephanie wanted to get a storage unit for Tanek for all his lego's.  We spent most of the day there.  There is so much to look at.  Tanek played in their play area, we had lunch there and did some good shopping.  We definitely need an ikea closer to us.
Getting ready to go into the play area.  What a great idea.  He had a good time.  He doesn't meet a stranger, and just went right in and played with the other kids.  We had a good time and a trip to Disney is always a good time.  Since we are re-doing his bedroom at home and at my house a trip to ikea was a good thing too!

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