Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maryland Trip

We went to the Lyric in Baltimore to see the Nutcracker.  It was great.  Kirsten has a good friend that danced in it and she was such a good dancer.

Kirsten and Makala at the Lyric

Hannah at the Lyric

Emily, Heather, Hannah and Me waiting for the Nutcracker to start.

Sunday dinner after church at Friday's.
Papa and Emily

Papa and Hannah

Richard and Hannah at Friday's.

Emily, Heather, Makala, and Kirsten at Friday's

The Grand-parents

 Kirsten and I went out to the barn one day and I got to watch her and Smokey.  Kirsten is a natural with horses and I think they are her first love.  She sure knows how to handle them.
Kirsten loves Smokey

And Smokey loves Kirsten, especially when she
brings him treats.

It was fun going out to the barn with Kirsten.  I am so proud of the neat, beautiful, smart young lady she is growing into. She is one special girl.

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