Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

This year we spent Christmas in Maryland with the family, so we did our Christmas with our Florida family a few days before we left.
Tanek is opening his Lego's.  That boy mostly wants Lego's for any gift he gets.

Papa likes getting Amazon cards to buy books for his Kindle.

Ricky is always easy to buy for.  Gift certificate to Jegs works for him.

And this package was a suitcase so I could pack up and get ready to go.  So nice to have a suitcase that isn't black.  Makes it a whole lot easier to find on the turn table at the airport, and it held a lot of clothes.  Even my snuggie that I got.
 When I saw this small item it had my daughter's name on it.  Mt. Dew lip gloss.  :)

 Tanek opening one of his 12 days of Christmas gifts.

 Pretty good start on Christmas.  Tanek kinda liked getting to open some of his gifts a week before Christmas.
We had our traditional Mexican Christmas dinner before opening our gifts.  A couple days later we were on our way to Maryland.  We had a very nice Christmas in both places.

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