Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tanek's Birthday Party

Saturday Tanek had his birthday party at USA Gymnastics club. The kids had a great time playing on the trampoline, the pit and all the other equipment. Mommy had fun on the trampoline too.

Brandon Walker and Tanek

Swinging on the bars is always fun

Tanek with his daddy and papa
Chloe and Gracie with their daddy on the beam

Mimi wants to play on the trampoline too

Showing off his Lego Star Wars shirt (which was the theme of his party)

Tanek with his gramps

I think the biggest hit of the party was the pit. In the next few pictures you will see some of the fun they had in this pit full of foam. How much fun to just be able to jump into all that soft foam.

And of course the trampoline was a big favorite too

Time to sing Happy Birthday and have some yummy cake

Priscilla and her two cute boys. Tanek and Aiden are great buddy's.

Julie Anna

The "Birthday Boy"

Tanek with his mom and dad
Tanek had a great birthday party. He loves lego's and is quite into Star Wars, so the idea of having a Lego Star Wars party was all his. He also wanted it at the gym so they could play in the pit and on the trampoline. It was a great place to have a party. The kids were able to just run and play and have a great time. It was fun to watch them all jumping into the pit and just having a great time. It is hard to believe our little guy is already 5 years old.

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Karen said...

Awesome party! It's weird to see people in shorts! Looks like Tanek had a wonderful party - give him a birthday hug from Austin :)