Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Yard Work!

We are finally having spring like weather. I know it probably isn't here to stay but we are enjoying it while we can. Tanek loves to help his Papa rake leaves and there are plenty of them.
Thankfully they are not ending up in the pool this year. Tanek has his own rake and he is quite into the job.

Papa could never get all the leaves up without his help.
He doesn't get a whole lot at one time but he sticks with it until the job is done.

The fun part is when they go empty the leaves and he gets to help drive the tractor.

And it is even more fun when the job is done and it is time for his favorite ride on the swing.
Helping Papa is always a fun job.

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Karen said...

Wonderful memories with Papa. And I'm homesick for that kind of gardening weather....