Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Time!

It is finally spring and I am loving it. I have been working out in the yard for the past month and it has been such nice weather. Other than the fact that there is yellow pollen everywhere which keeps me sneezing and my eyes burning. When we had our pool enclosed this past winter we pretty much had to tear up the whole backyard. I have been trying to get it put back together.
Gary had to move the fence (he took it all down) then put up some to give the dogs a safe area to go outside without having the run of the whole back. I have been redoing flower beds and rock walkways. I put out 29 bags of mulch and 20 some bags of rock. Now I am planting some grass in the area that was torn up. It is starting to come together. In just a couple months everything should be growing well and looking a lot better.
The plant below is called Loropetalum. I have no idea how you say it, but I love this plant. The cold does not hurt it, the heat does not hurt it and it blooms like this in the Spring. I have 2 out front and have put 2 out back.

The Amayllis are starting to bloom and they are so pretty. It is so nice to see flowers in the yard again.
I have an urn of this fern on each corner of the back porch.

This is the far corner of the enclosure that leads to the backyard. I planted this Red Sister and 2 crotons in pots to sit behind my angel statue that my good friends D & D gave me for my birthday last year. You can see where I have planted grass plugs and remulched the flower bed.
I have Day Lilly's and marigolds planted in here.

LOTS of mulch here. This is the area Gary fenced off for the dogs. It goes all the way up to the front of the yard. It gives Stanley and Daisey a place to play outside without them being able to go too far.

This will look nice when the daylilly's start blooming.

This whole rock walkway was redone.

A view from inside the enclosure. The barn (storage room, man cave) is in the background. I can't wait until it is time to swim and really enjoy the outside.

I "Really" am counting on having NO snakes and big bugs in the pool this summer. Sure hope it works.


Jgaga7 said...

Beautiful Ilene!

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

It looks great! It's so different I'm not even sure where each picture is located. Can't wait to see it in person.