Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking for signs of Spring.....any signs!

After living through the longest and coldest winter I can ever remember to say I am ready for Spring would be an understatement. I have been ready for Spring since December 26. I have to admit that winter is my least favorite time of the year. I only like it to be winter (if we have to absolutely have it) in December around Christmas time. Otherwise I am much happier with fall or Spring weather. Summer is ok in the summer, but during the winter in Florida it should still be in the 70's in my opinion. So today was a Spring day and I went around the yard looking for signs. There are not too many yet. A few things are starting to bud, but I pretty much think for the most part the majority of the yard is dead and will have to be replanted. SO many days this winter of hard and long freezes pretty much did everything in. So, I guess this will be the year I redo the yard.....again. Last year I redid the front and planted mostly tropical plants that I knew would have to be covered in the winter but I didn't realize that there was no way to protect them from what came our way. I did find a few thing though. Today Papa planted several rows of peas. He probably is a little to anxious too and may even have to replant them if we get the usual frost right before Easter like we normally do. But he couldn't wait either. He and Tanek planted a bunch of rolls of peas and got them all watered. They were having a good time and if they have to be replanted it won't matter to them.

My one California poppy plant is just starting to bloom and has several buds on it. Last year I had one and it bloomed a lot of flowers and was very pretty. The cold doesn't hurt these for some reason. It takes me back to growing up in Califorina when the mountainsides would be full of orange poppies in the Spring.

Of course ball season is always a sign of Spring coming. Tanek is geared up for t-ball. He had his first practice game on Saturday. He has practice today and is all set with his new helmet, glove, bat and cletes. He is actually learning to hit and catch the ball. This will be a fun time to watch.

So whether or not Spring has really sprung or we are just a little over anxious, today is a beautiful Spring day and we have actually had 3 in a row. That may mean it is really here. I love this time of the year. Once it comes it is like new life everywhere. I love when everything starts blooming and growing and even though I will have to probably replant most of the plants, I like that part too. SO Happy Spring everyone. I am claiming it is HERE!


Alice said...

i love his little face! he's so cute :)

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Happy Spring!! :)

I think we may even have more things starting to bud than FL!!

Karen said...

I'd be planing too if I were you! Can't wait to see pics as the garden grows. Tanek looks sooooo cute - brings back memories of Austin in his first few years. In the outfield, they were more interested in making dirt mounds - it was so funny! Have "a ball"!