Monday, February 15, 2010

Visit from the North!

Today the Ryans came to visit. Cary, Austin and Casey came by. This is Heathers sister's family. Austin and Tanek are good buddies and Tanek loves when Austin comes to visit. Austin had got a new hot wheels toy and he and Tanek played with that and Tanek's "cars" race track and some monster trucks. Austin is the one who introduced Tanek to Monster trucks and he loves them.
Austin is much older than Tanek but he is good to play with Tanek and then Tanek feels like he is a "big" boy.
Playing football in the house and Nana had to change that play.

Casey was a good sport and sat and watched the boys play and adults talk. She was very patient.

I had to get a picture of her feet in flip flops. I told her her friends in Minnesota would be so jealous that she was in flip flops in February. They just left a lot of snow in Minnesota. Casey always has very wild toe and finger nails. Love to see what she is wearing on her nails.
It certainly wasn't exactly warm, but to them it felt a lot warmer than Minnesota right now. We
enjoyed their visit.

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