Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tanek's 4th Birthday!

Saturday February 20th was Tanek's 4th birthday. It is hard to believe he is already 4. We had his birthday party at Keystone Beach Pavilon. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. You can see the lake in the background. It really was a picture perfect day.

Most of these pictures are in no particular order. This was near the end of the party when they
opened the pinita and collected all the candy.

He had a contruction birthday party with all the bulldozers, caution cones etc. Here the children are filling up their hard hats with the candy.

He is opening his gifts while the children watch

The children enjoyed riding the truck around the room. We had set up an obstical course, but the children quickly re-arranged it the way they wanted too. They had a good time and that was what was important. Children at the age are not really into planned play as we quickly found out.

Building site with blocks

We did manage to get them all together to play "put the caution gone on the bulldozer" or something like that.

Part of the obstical course was a slide to go down. In this case run down.

And there were lots of bolts to work with

I love watching children interact with each other. Most of them didn't know each other, yet they just jumped right in and played together. Everyone got along and shared and had a good time.
They were so much fun to watch,
Refreshment time.

The birthday cake

Blowing out his #4 candle

We missed Meme at the birthday party but she was and always will be in our hearts. She would have enjoyed being there with the children. She loved to watch children being happy and having fun. We will always keep your memory alive in our hearts and Tanek will know how much you loved him.

This picture and the rest are Tanek opening some of his gifts at home before the party. And this one of him posing for Nana.

Happy Birthday Tanek, You are LOVED!

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