Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pre-school exercise

I got this idea from Heather and Emily. It was a little challenging at first. We first tried regular tweezers and getting them to close on the fuzzy ball was a challenge. We then tried tweezers that have handles like scissors and that worked better since he had just mastered cutting out with scissors.
He would work on this for awhile and say "Nana" this is so hard. But he kept doing it until he got it. He really liked the other tweezers best and got all the fuzzy balls in the right bowls.
I love seeing how he will stick with something until he masters it. Then he is so excited that he learned it.

This is a happy little fellow. He actually does like doing this. He has gotton pretty good at managing those tweezers.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

YAY!!! Tanek looks like he is having so much fun! Good job Nana!

Donna @ said...

That's a great idea! He looks like he is really enjoying it! When he gets older and starts counting use an egg carton with numbers written in it. have him put the correct number of dry beans or peas in each spot.