Thursday, September 17, 2009

A day of fun??

Today Tanek wanted to paint. Now I have to admit, this type of activity is not my favorite thing to do. But he wanted to paint, and so he did. #1 I hate the mess. #2 He HATES his hands to be dirty. So he actually did have fun....until he got paint on his hands and then he was through. But he did have some fun and got to express his creativity.

It really isn't that big of a mess, its just that it does get all over. I was sitting there eating cheese dip and chips while watching him paint. I think I may have had some paint in my dip. But, after all it is water paints so what could that hurt?

He is so cute and was having so much fun, that I really didn't mind. But he really doesn't like his hands dirty.
He did have fun though and we will do it again.....sometime!

We went to making cookies after he painted. He loves dipping the cookies in sprinkles. And it is ok if the sprinkles get all over his fingers because you can eat that. So he had a great time dipping the cookies in the sprinkles.

He dipped everyone of them all by himself and really got it down pat. They turned out very good and they were very good.

Showing off his cookies.

And it is ok that my fingers have sprinkles coloring on them.

The most fun is after the cookies are all decorated what is left over in the bowl he gets to eat.

Sprinkles are kinda like glitter. You can get it all over and they will be around for awhile....except that we have two dogs that don't mind eating off the floor.

It is very fun to have a brightly colored tongue and mouth.

And the rule is you don't leave ANY sprinkles in the dish. You get them out anyway you can. Meme Anita had stopped by and was enjoying watching him have so much fun.
Very satisfied with his cookies. And they were yummy

One of Tanek's favorite things to do is work with his shapes. He will sit for a long time playing with them. When he first started on them he wanted to work on this one which is the last and hardest one to do. I helped him with it a couple times and now he does it all by himself. This works with lots of different shapes and sizes and they are several ways you can arrange them to make them work. It really does help with the hand-eye coordination. When he is working on these he is either listening and singing along to his Russian CD or the State Capitols CD. He will do at least 10 or more of these cards a day, and it is something he ask to do which is great. I don't think he even realizes how much it is teaching him, it is just fun for him.

So today was a good day filled with a lot of variety. We even had a little confrontation near the end of the day when he refused to pick up his toys. (usually he does it without even being ask ) but today he thought, no he wasn't going to do it. So, I asked him if I needed to get the paddle and he said Yes. I did, he wasn't happy about it but he finally picked up his toys with the help of his papa who didn't want to see his little grand-son unhappy.

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Good job Nana - way to keep that little boy busy! :)