Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Celebrating the birthday girl!

Last night we had a nice evening with our friends Austin & Tina, and Don & Doris to celebrate Doris's birthday. One thing we do like to do is celebrate birthdays. We like to eat and play phase 10. And we LIKE the women to win. And we usually do. Last night was the same. The women rule. We had a great time. Tina makes the best deserts and we always enjoy them. Don looking over Doris shoulder while she opens her gifts.
Doris is not the easiest person to buy for because she really doesn't need anything, but she loves things for the yard. So, wind chimes, bird feeders etc. are always a good choice.

Showing off her new wind chimes.

Here she is with her new finch feeder. We must get ready for our little birds when they come.

We had a great time. Next birthday coming up is Gary's. Always a good reason to go eat somewhere.

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