Monday, September 7, 2009

Learning to Use Scissors

We started a couple days ago to learn to use scissors. After a couple days of cutting up good paper I decided it would be best to let him cut up old bills. Then I wouldn't have so much to shred and wouldn't be wasting good paper. This little guy has really caught on to cutting up paper and loves to cut up everything in sight. However, when he got to one of the electric bills he recognized the logo on it and said "this is where my daddy works and I have to take this to him". He would NOT cut it up. I tried to explain to him that it was ok, but he wouldn't cut it up because his daddy worked there.

He didn't much want to cut up my Disney credit card bill either because it had the Disney logo on it, but he finally did. I am surprised at how quickly he learned to use scissors and cut on his own.
I can cut out a lot of my shredding now and let him practice. Also while he was cutting he was listening to and singing along with his Russian music tape. The funny thing about it is they sing
"Ol Suzana" in Russian. Southern Russian fits him very good, because he definitely has a big southern accent.

You can see that he takes his work very seriously. We are having fun doing pre-school work together and I am learning how much fun and how quick a three year old is.


Karen said...

He is just precious. That is so cute that he didn't cut the electric bill. I loved these days of when the kids are learning these skills - preschool age is so much fun! Have fun with him - I know you soak it all in.

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Aww - so fun! You are brave to let him cut on the BED!! I can just hear him singing in Russian with his VERY strong southern accent! I miss my little guy...

love your new fall blog!

Alice said...

that's great that you are able to do some school work with tanek. making some great memories for him! and for you!

that's really funny about the bill from his dad's work and the one from disney!