Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Fun

Friday was a fun time at the park. The afternoon turned out beautiful (weather I ordered for my sister) We took Tanek to the park, spent some time playing phase 10 and had another great meal. Ricky grilled steaks and we had another feast. Mostly we just enjoyed our time together and just chilling out.
Tanek and his mommy
Swinging high is just the most fun

Tanek with his aunt-grandma Rena on the "big" truck

This is a Big tire swing, big enough for these 3

Aunt grandma Rena enjoying the beautiful fall Florida weather. (not usually like this in Washington state this time of year.)

Today we went to Alachua to the Ivy House for another great meal. We have done some good eating these past few days. It will be time next week to lighten up a little. As always the Ivy House is a very nice way to spend an afternoon and the food as always was great. We took a few shots in the garden.
They really do have a beautiful garden and the Ivy House was all decorated beautifully for Christmas. We certainly enjoyed our day.
Tomorrow Rena and I leave for Atlanta where she will spend the next week with her daughter Lori and her husband Kurt. I will be spending the night there and so will get some pictures up there and post them next week.

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Alice said...

Be careful on your trip and have a great time :). Will be looking forward to your post when you get back.