Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Made It!

For the past 2 months I have been working trying to get everything ready for this time. I painted the house, and put up all these decorations. My sister, neice and her husband were coming for Thanksgiving. I wanted to have everything done before they came so we could just relax and have a fun time. After all the outside work was done there was still the decorating of the inside and then the CLEAN UP. Because they got stuck in construction traffic coming down from Atlanta I was able to finish in time. I even had time to make some goodies to have on hand. My sister flew down from Vancouver Washington to Atlanta and Lori and Kurt picked her up from the airport and they drove down here. Needless to say she had a long day. They got here about 9:30 last night and got to see all the lights lit up. It was well worth all the work to have it all done before they got here. Now....We will have FUN!
Tanek was the first to get to see the lights (even before Pam and Whitney's surprise visit) (see Pams blog). Tanek had a great time running from display to display.

Sitting in front of the little snowmen

Checking out the Manger scene
Standing in a choir of angels

I've been a very good boy, Santa
Pam took the really good pictures, but I had the fun of taking pictures of Tanek seeing it all for the first time. Christmas through the eyes of a child is just the best way to see it. I will be posting pictures of our family times later.


Wife and Mom said...

Nana--he is so adorable and I know it was fun watching him look at all of those lights! Sweet.

Alice said...

Nana, I love your decorations. Your yard looks awesome! I know your guests will love it as well. Your new page looks great - all Christmasey :O). I am afraid to change mine, I manage to mess it up everytime - lol. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Nana said...

Thank you Pam for the new blog page. It is very nice. I love it. A nice surprise.