Thursday, November 27, 2008

Great Day

Today was a great day. We spent time playing, taking a walk and just enjoying the nice day and the company of family. Tanek was enjoying getting to know his Uncle Kurt and Aunt Lori and getting reaquainted with his "aunt grandma Rena".
This picture was actually at the end of the walk. Papa decided to catch up with us and since we were so far ahead he came by way of tractor. Tanek enjoyed driving it back home.

Riding on Uncle Kurts shoulders was more fun than walking

Uncle Kurt and Aunt Lori walking and playing with Tanek

The day was beautiful and this "Atlanta girl" thought it to be warm.

Sitting with Aunt Lori and Uncle Kurt

Tanek and his "aunt grandma Rena:". Last year when we visited her in Washington State she decided she was past the age to be just an aunt and since he had grandparents she would be "aunt grandma Rena" and that has worked out real wellTanek and aunt grandma walking together

The whole gang..."almost


Alice said...

How sweet! Tanek always looks so happy and carefree. What great memories you are making with him. And I love the 'aunt grandma' title :).

Wife and Mom said...

It's fun to have photos like these when family comes to town. Happy Thanksgiving Nana and Papa! ♥

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Love the pictures!! We wish we were there. I haven't seen Kurt and Lori since Kirsten was a baby! Love the new blog - thanks Pam for taking care of Nana's blog - she has asked me, and I just can't find the time...sorry Nana. Good thing you have Pam!