Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween at Silver Springs

We spent the day at Silver Srings on Halloween. The weather was just beautiful. They had it all set up for children with games and events. We had a good time watching Tanek have a good time.

Is this not the sweetest little face on this monster?

Papa, Stephanie and Tanek
Tanek sitting on the hay bales at the hay maze

I think the boat ride was one of his favorite things

Tanek climbed way up top on this climbing thing
He also loved riding on this rideSilver Springs is such a beautiful place and has such a "Florida" atmosphere that I just had to post some pictures of the real Silver Springs. Here is a big brown bear sunning himself. He looks so relaxed.I just think this picture is so beautiful and it just reflects the real Silver Springs. The water is so crystal clear.
A little kitty cat strolling along in his cage.And what really says Florida are these big Gators. And as a matter of fact the "Gators" were quite big this week-end. One of the things Gators like to eat best are bulldogs.


Alice said...

your 'gators eating bulldogs' comment is just cracking me up - ROFL! i love silver springs but haven't been there in awhile. maybe i'll take kali and go sometime soon. thanks for sharing. i loved the water and trees shot - so pretty. and you're right - i think tanek had a ball!

Karen said...

Silver Springs is also one of my favorite places. Have you been to Homassassa Springs? We love it too.

Goooooo Gators!