Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Special Book

I am not sure this is the exact book that Tanek has, but it is this story.  This is one of the best training books I have ever seen for children.  It teaches them how to be kind and shows how important their words and actions are and how they affect other lives.
Stephanie has read this book to him and one of his favorite things to do is "fill your bucket".  It tells how when you do or say nice things to people you fill their bucket with happiness and how that also fills your bucket.  When you talk mean or do mean things it takes happiness out of their bucket and out of your own.
There are so many times Tanek will ask me "is your bucket full?"  Or did I help fill your bucket today?  It is so sweet and such a great way of training using a positive and fun approach.  If you have young children or grand-children I highly recommend this book.
It is so much easier when they do something that isn't pleasing that you can let them know they are taking from your bucket.  It is a gently way of disciplining, when the action doesn't require stronger measures.  

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