Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crazy Hat Night!

Wednesday night they had crazy hat night in Awana's.  We started out with papa's old yard hat and went from there.  We went out into my "room" that has who knows what out there and found all these things to decorate it with.  It was a very special hat because most of the things we decorated it with came from Meme Anita and we like to think she was able to see his hat and know she had a part in it. She is such a special part of his life and he loves her so much. Tanek wanted a spring on his hat (not sure where that idea came from) so we started by  putting his slinky around it and went from there. After we were all finished we were very proud of his hat and certainly thought it was a crazy one.

 It actually turned out to be a patriotic one.  It was a little top heavy and hard to keep on his head.  He was happy that papa didn't want his hat back, because he didn't want to take the decorations off and likes it the way it is.  Maybe we will just add more to it next year and make it even crazier.

 He is all decked out in his hat and Awana's vest.  He loves going to Awana's.  They have so much fun while at the same time he is planting a lot of God's word in his heart with memorization.  He has already finished his first book and is moving right along. 

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