Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A small science project!

Today in school we were reading about Mt. Rushmore and the images of the four Presidents that are carved into the stone on the side of a mountain. We also studied about all the different kind of rock and other substances that God created when he created the world. So for our science project we carved a face from dough. Not quite as hard as carving a face from stone but it was a fun project. We also read about how only God can produce life. We can make images of man from stone or dough but only God can breathe life and create a person.

Tanek is kneading the dough to make a face.

Getting it all ready to carve the face.

Carving the face. Wonder how long it took to carve the presidents faces out of stone?

Very carefully working on the details.

It's a little hard to see the details, but here is a scuplture of a face from "dough" created by a 5 year old.

After school Tanek couldn't wait to go for a walk with the new walking stick his papa had made him. Whenever we go for a walk he always wanted to use papa's walking stick and it was too tall for him. Papa made one just his size and he had the best time walking with it. He likes that he has a walking stick just like his papa. Since the walk was pretty hot we kept it short and then they came home and went swimming which was pretty cold. We are between a little hot to walk in the afternoon and a the water a little cold to swim.

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Alice said...

you are such a great nana! dough faces - homeschool is really, really fun!