Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Latest Project--DONE!

A couple years ago my sweet hubby had these stairs built up to our storage attic. He was afraid I would kill myself going up and down the pull out stairs as the opening was kinda small for some of the boxes I was putting up there. AND....he was having to help me get all the big yard art for Christmas up and down every year and it was a BIG job. SO....he had these stairs built. It is much easier getting things up and down, however I don't really keep the big things up there anymore as we bought a new storage shed last year that is on the ground. However, these stairs needed to be stained so I decided this was a great weekend to do that. It started out as a great project. I worked on it for several hours on Thursday and the weather was nice, cool and breezy. The job required so much bending and going up and down that by the end of the day I was really hurting. My back was shouting NO NO NO!!! On Friday I worked a couple more hours on it and my back and whole body were yelling at me by this time to STOP! So I did. For some reason this 67 year old body doesn't like to do what this 67 year old mind tells it to. BUT today Saturday I Finished the job. YEA!!! It looks SO much better and other than all the climbing, bending and getting up and down on my hands and knees a million (so it seemed) times it wasn't all that hard. Messy, yes. I am glad it was washable because I had a lot of it on me.

This is the before picture. Just unfinished pressure treated wood. The hubs and I painted this whole building a few years ago. Another big job.

I am not sure who had the idea of all these spindles, surely not me. They were really a pain to paint each one. But I do think they look nice and it keeps anyone from falling off the stairs.

It was really a lot of fun trying to get the bottom of the stairway painted.

Notice I even repainted the roofs of the birdhouses. Everything needs to match. I guess I will also paint the wood that the birdhouses are sitting on. Another day for that. Now I think a flower bed under the stairs would look really good. Since it doesn't get a lot of sun under there maybe I will build a planter and put some Hosta's in there next Spring. Sounds like a good idea.

You can see the little door to the attic on top. Now it doesn't look like a stairway to nowhere since I painted the door too.

Now that this job is finished I am hoping to get the fences that go across the sides of the house stained too. THEN, I will be ready to start putting up my Christmas decorations by the first of October. So much fun. I had no idea this is what I would be dong at 67 years old. I am not sure what I should be doing at this age, but it must not be this. At least my body tells me maybe I should do something else. Any suggestions???

My sweet hubby did fix US lunch on Thursday and yesterday we did Chinese take out. So, that was fun.

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

WOW! That turned out great. You are one energetic 67-year-old.