Friday, September 16, 2011

End of an Era!

Today was Mrs. Dimples last day as a hairdresser. For the past 30+ years she has taken care of our families hair needs. She knew exactly how to cut my hair and I never had to worry about it not turning out. I have very thick wavy hair and she knew how to cut it so that it went with the waves. So many times hairdressers will wash it first and then cut it and then you can't see the way it grows and it equals disaster. My kids grew up with her cutting their hair. Tanek after a year or two finally got to where he would let her cut his hair because he said "Mrs. Dimple is so nice". I wish we had a video of the very first haircut he got. I think he was a first for Dimple. I know it was a first for me. I had never seen a little guy fight so hard while getting a haircut. We literally held him upside down and I was feeding him Cheerios while Stephanie held him and Dimple tried to cut his hair. Whew!!! We could have won for the funniest video's, but we were not able to take any because we were too busy trying to hold on to him. But as you can see now he is sitting very calmly and getting his hair cut like a big boy.
He has come a loooong way. I cut it for awhile but I am not a hairdresser and really couldn't do a good job on it. He has very thick coarse hair and she new exactly how to cut it. We are going to miss her SO much cutting our hair. However, we are happy that she is going to retire and have more free time to do as she wants. She runs a nice little gift shop and framing store next to the beauty shop and she will still keep that open. We will be visiting her often. She has been far more than just our hairdresser over the years she has become a very special friend. She attended our weddings and baby showers. Now we will have time to do some fun things together like going to lunch. We wish her a very happy retirement. We love you Mrs. Dimples.

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Alice said...

glad she's getting to retire, AND i'm also glad the vera bradley part is going to stay in business :)