Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What DId You Used To Look Like?

Last night when Tanek spent the night with me we were talking and he wanted to know what I looked like when his mommy was little. So I told him to remind me and we would look at some pictures the next day. Today I got out a box of Stephanie's baby pictures. He thought his mommy was very cute and in one picture he said "look at how little her hands are". He notices little things like that. He also thought she was pretty awesome in some of her gymnastic moves.

When we got to the few pictures of me when I was younger and had dark not grey hair he looked at them pretty closely. I asked him what he thought. He said, your old and have grey hair now.

I said yes I am. In one picture there was a picture of me and aunt grandma (my sister) he said we both grew old. He thought papa was pretty funny with all that hair he had.

They recently lost their little dog Amos and before him Abigail. He knew they were old and we told him they went to doggie heaven. One day after Abigail had passed he said Nana, you are not going to heaven. At first I thought, well yes I am, but I realized he was telling me not to die.

A short while ago he said Nana,I hope you live to be 80 because I want you to be great-nana to my kids and papa will be great-papa and my mommy and daddy will be nana and papa to my kids. He is always talking about when he is married and has 2 kids. I love the way little kids think.
Today he asked me why everyone didn't know about God? I told him that some people don't know about God and they need to be told so we need to try to tell them. He said everyone needed to know that Jesus died for their sins. Every day he says things that make us smile. One day when his mommy left as she was driving away he said "I love her so much", and yesterday when his daddy left he said "he is just such a good daddy". I love the way he expresses his feelings so openly. Kids are so open and honest and I just love to hear them talk.
Grand kids are such a blessing and I am so blessed to have 4 that I love to spend time with. It is amazing what they can teach us. I look forward to what I will learn tomorrow.

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Golly I love that little fella.. how much longer til November??