Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family Visit

It was so nice to have the family down for a short visit on their way to St. George's Island. Pictures are in no particular order. Here is our sweet Hannah ready for bed.

And our sweet Emily. How I love these grand-daughters

We got to help Kirsten celebrate her Sweet 16 birthday which was the day before. It is SO hard to believe that my first grand-child is already 16 and a beautiful young lady that we are SO proud of. We celebrated at Sonny's for dinner and then had brownies afterwards. Whenever they come down one of the first things they want to do is have Bar b Que. Heather's mom. grand-mother and brother were also a part of the celebration as well as Ricky, Stephanie, Tanek and papa and me.

The cousins had a great time together plus Kirstens friend Megan who is also here.

Our four precious grand-children

Another thing they want as soon as possible is boiled peanuts

And swimming is on top of the list too (in the summer)

Tanek floating on his back

Richard having some fun time with his girls

And showing them how to make a BIG splash

Papa has the patience to brush this long wet hair

A little time needed for some work

Before heading to the Island it was necessary to make a stop at the fav place. LaFiesta in Gainesville. Heather's dad and Step mom met us all there. Had a great meal and lots of fun and good conversation. Here are two young men who are no longer hungry. Richard, and Heather's not so little brother

And the girls. Everyone is quite full

And nana with one of her sweet grands. Am I blessed or what. 4 wonderful grand-children. What more can you ask for? I love family time.

Some fun pool time.

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Alice said...

looks like a super great visit, ilene! wish they could stay longer :)