Wednesday, July 20, 2011

St. George's Island

Gary and I left early Sunday morning to go up to St. George's Island to meet up with Richard, Heather and girls and Cary & Karen and their family. Most of the day it rained but it didn't stop us from having a good time. The beach in the rain is very interesting. Very different from when it is just hot and sunny. We took umbrella's and headed out. Here is my daughter in law, Heather looking like one of the teen -agers.

Kari, Casey, Hannah & Heather. Kari is Casey's friend who came with her for her first visit to the ocean. She is loving it.

The water and sky were very grey, but still very beautiful.

The trail from the beach house to the bay.


Since it was raining, Emily wore her jacket to go in the water. :)

Hannah & Austin....cousins

Austin & Emily

Emily loving the ocean

We saw A LOT of these guys walking around on the sand. Yikes

LOVE the sunsets on the ocean

The rain didn't last forever. The next day it was bright, sunny and H O T ! Just want you want for a day at the beach. Although we also loved the rainy day at the beach.

It's amazing how the water changes colors. It was also quite rough with a strong under tow.

We had a great time and it was fun spending it with family and friends. A day at the beach is almost always a good day. I have more pictures that I will post later. They are all still at the beach until Saturday and having a great time.

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