Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at the Library

This past Wednesday at "Story time" at the Library they had an Easter egg hunt. Tanek was proud to be able to take his cousin Emily to it and they had a good time. They had the Library all decorated for Easter and then had the Easter egg hunt outside after story time and doing the hokey pokey.

Mrs. Chris does a great job keeping the children's attention and they all love her story reading.

The kids get to get involved in the story and that makes it a lot of fun for them.

Hokey Pokey time

Getting ready for the egg hunt

Refreshment time

They were each given some sidewalk chalk and were able to have some fun with it.

That afternoon the kids along with Dellynne made cookies for them to take to the people at the assisted living home where they had to stop and take cover from the tornadoe on their way down. They stopped back by on their way home and delivered cookies and notes to the people living there.

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