Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Signs of Spring!

This time of year you just can't help but love Florida. We have had one of the nicest March's that I can remember. It has mostly been warm and sunny. Flowers are blooming everywhere and as yet we are not unbearably hot and humid. I have worked in the yard for the past couple months and have completely gone from back all around the sides to the front and weeded, planted, trimmed, moved plants, put down rocks and mulch. I have just one flower bed that needs weeding and about 3 bags of mulch and then I will be on maintenance. Which is quite a bit. It takes weeding every week to keep up with it. That works until it gets in the 90's and then the yard is pretty much on it's own until fall. I am hoping this year I have made it easier to keep up and it will look nice even when it gets really hot. I love this bottle brush. Just a couple years ago (maybe 3) it was a tiny little plant. I had a larger one and wanted this one too, now the larger one is very tiny and I am hoping it will survive. I am not sure if the cold got to it and if so, why not this one? Anyway, it is very little and I am hoping it survives. These pretty much bloom all summer and the bee's absolutely LOVE it. If you look close you should see the honey bee flying around it.
This is my Joseph's coat rose bush. It is in the back yard and just starting to bloom. I love all the different colors it has on the bush at one time.

I love azeala's. I wish they bloomed all summer. They don't last long, but when they are all blooming they are beautiful. Florida is full of azeala's and that is one of the first signs of spring when the azeala's and dogwoods are blooming. Love the bright colors.

And the white ones too

Today we finally got much needed rain. Of course that makes the humidity go up, but we really need the rain. I know it won't be long before it gets really hot and humid and then working outside is no longer "fun". I have really enjoyed working outside these past couple months. So when it gets really hot it will be pool time and we are looking forward to that.

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Karen said...

It's so weird to hear you say that you've been working in the yard "the last few months"! We haven't even started that process! Yes, you've had a gorgeous March! And I'm so glad we were able to enjoy some of it. I wish I could grow that bottle brush plant up here!! I love the willowy look of it. There were gardenias blooming all over Sea World and they are some of my favorites. Our first house in Gainesville had an entire hedge against the back of the house and the aroma was wonderful!