Monday, November 8, 2010

Update on Construction

Here is all the ugly parts of our construction project. The grinding work is finished. We had a few days of constant grinding off the old pool deck. You can see here we have several bad cracks in the concrete. All this will be filled in and refinished. What a mess it has been. A lot of the white concrete dust is at the bottom of the pool. We still cannot see the bottom of the pool but eventually we will get it cleared up.(hopefully)

All the cool deck is off.

The forms for the footers and extension are in. Ready for the inspector and the new concrete.

Add Image When we came home this afternoon all of the new concrete has been poured. Yea! No more dust blowing all over. Now it has to sit for 14 days to cure and then he will start on the resurfacing. All of it will match and will look like stone pavers. What a change it will be. Now the screen company can come out for their final measurements and in just a few weeks we should have a finished project. Yea. Can't wait.

You can see how much larger the deck will be. It is going to give us a lot more room for entertaining. Not that we entertain all that much, but we could. It will give us room for a nice table and chairs to eat outside. This is going to be a very large area and will be SO nice.

This small area will also be screened in and the rock will be spread back out. This will be an area for the grill.

This area has very little grass (that we planted last Spring) left. We probably will just put rock in this area and eliminate the work of keeping up a little bit of grass. The whole idea behind this project was to ELIMINATE a lot of work. Not only will it be more enjoyable, the work should be a lot less. Of course we have a LOT of work to do to get it all back in good condition, but when the initial work is done it should be much less up keep. At least that is the plan. The next pictures you see should be of them when they start the refinishing of the concrete. should start looking better soon.

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Hooray!! Progress!! It is coming along and will all be worth it in the end!