Sunday, November 7, 2010

Decorating for Christmas!

Yesterday morning it was freezing cold. Tanek's mommy had to work and his daddy was sick. SO, we decided instead of going to the ballgame and playing and sitting in the freezing cold we would do something else fun. (Tanek was just getting over strep throat and it didn't seem like a good idea for him to be in the cold). So we came to my house and we had hot chocolate and a Christmas cookie. Then we turned on the movie Cars and decorated his little Christmas tree. He had a good time doing it and we call it his "cars & candy ball tree". This is his own personal tree and his 12 days of Christmas gifts go under this tree.
He did most of the decorating himself and was quite pleased with it when it was finished.

Lightning McQueen or "Mine" as we call him. A few years ago when the movie first came out Tanek got the shake up car and it said "the checker flag is mine". Every since then Lightning McQueen has been called mine.

I love this sweet little face.

The almost finished project. Part of the day was spent going over Lego catalogs and thinking about what might go under a Christmas tree.

We love the Christmas season. It is so much fun to get ready for and so much fun to anticipate the whole season. We talk a lot about the real meaning of Christmas and about the real gift of Jesus and why we celebrate. We love the lights, and all the magic of Christmas. It is so much fun to share it with a child.

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