Friday, November 5, 2010

Field Day

Today Stephanie and I took Tanek to the Stephen Foster Memorial for their old timers day. He was able to put a design in leather and see a lot of things that they did many years ago.

They hammered a design in a small piece of leather and she showed them the difference between stamped designs and designs that are hammered in and the different kinds of leathers.

We watched as they made old fashioned lye soap and then we each bought a bar.

With the help of this lady he learned about the different kind of fish found in Florida and what they are called. Then he was able to try to cast a fishing line.

Pretty hard
We toured the museum. We got to hear the bells in the bell tower ring. They had some beautiful antique piano's in here.

Tanek got to help churn butter and then got a cracker with the butter on it. We also watched as they made pear butter. It is like apple butter. We also got some mayhaw jelly to remind papa of his "olden days".

We walked around the park and it really is beautiful. We walked down to the Suwanee River to look at it.

The grounds are really very pretty

After we were through at Stephen Foster Memorial we went into the big town of White Springs.
This is where his other grandma works. She is the city clerk. This is actually a very nice little town. Reminds you of some you see in the movies. Tanek got to see the police car, the fire truck and the dump truck.. He was most impressed with the dump truck since he wants to be a builder when he grows up . He didn't really want to get in the police car at first.

Mommy & Tanek in the firetruck

Watching the firetruck

Tanek & mimi

And as always....on the way home after a very eventful day a short nap


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

What a fun field trip day!! I remember my dad taking us to the Stephen Foster Memorial - we climbed on the banks of that river, and got wet and muddy!

Mimi said...

That was the best day at work I have had in a very long time. I hope you come to visit me again at work. All of my co-workers commented about how polite and how handsome Tanek was.

Karen said...

That truly is the "real" Florida - I wish people would visit places like that, along with all the Disney stuff! Love the picture of the tower - very pretty.