Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chillin with my lego catalog

We got a lego catalog in the mail a couple weeks ago. This is just about Tanek's favorite reading material. He loves to sit back and just look through it every day. When he spends the night with me he wants me to read that for his good night story.
After his bath at night he loves to come in the den and sit on the little seat of the sofa and look through all the pictures. He especially loves to see all the construction machines that can be made with lego's.
So much to choose from.
Taking time out to watch Handy Manny. He likes to call up Handy Manny when he needs help fixing things or if he thinks maybe Manny needs his help.

Showing off his catalog

This is good reading

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Alice said...

yeah, we like the lego catalog at our house, too! even after all these years - lol!