Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beth Moore Conference- Jacksonville, Fl.

The Ladies had been planning on attending this conference for months. At the last minute someone canceled and I got to go on their ticket. Found out early Friday morning I was going and by 1:30 that day we were on our way.

Here they are after eating dinner at the Landing, we walked to the Colisium. Quite a nice little walk.
Eating dinner at the landing.

My two roommates. Ingrid and Anita below, doing one of her favorite things. We stayed at the Omni.
Beth Moore does a wonderful conference and if you ever get the chance to hear her it is well worth it. She has such a strong dynamic Christian message. Travis Cottrell brought the music and it was very good. There were 14,500 people in attendance and that can make a great impact if everyone lives out what they learned while there.


Wife and Mom said...

I'm so glad you got to go Nana! The ladies of our church went to see her in Pensacola a few years back and it was a wonderful trip and I love Travis' music. He also sang much of the Experiencing God soundtrack which I love!

Nana said...

It was great. Are you planning on going to the Women of Faith conference? I have been to 3 or 4 of them and they are really good too. Jacksonville is bringing these in and I think it is great; Enjoyed your song this morning.

Karen said...

I love Beth Moore - I've done most of her bible studies and seen her speak several times. My favorite study is the tabernacle one - "A Woman's Heart". Also been to several Women of Faith - they are awesome and so great to go with a group of girlfriends to!

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Love Beth Moore!! I'm so glad you got to go last minute Nana. I've enjoyed so many of her studies too. My favorites were The Patriarchs and Believing God. One of my very favorite photographers was there with you Nana - check out what she wrote about it on her blog.

Nana said...

I did view her page. She is an awesome photographer. I bet she has been doing it for awhile. Does she live in Jax? She is very pretty and her date wasn't bad either. She has some really cool photo's on her site.