Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

 Sunday we had lunch at Mama Mia's in Starke for Mother's Day.
Here is a picture of our Florida Family.  Ricky, Stephanie and Tanek.   Such a cute family picture.
 And Gary and I.  We don't take too many pictures together.
After lunch Stephanie and I took Tanek and his bike on the trail.  This is such a nice trail to walk or bike on.  On the way back Tanek was riding way ahead of us.  We were calling him to stop, but he had gotten so far ahead he didn't hear us.  He had Stephanie's phone in his bag on his bike, so I called it.  He immediately stopped, got off the bike and started running back with the phone to give his mommy.  At least we got him to stop.  You can barely see his bike way up there and see how far ahead of us he was.  Sometimes he is just in his own little happy world.  He was just riding away having a great time.

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