Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Visit to the Cardiologist!

My sweet grand-son was born with a small heart murmur.  His pediatrician heard it and sent him to a cardiologist.  It was just small and they thought he would outgrow it, but every year he had to go and be checked.  Last year it had gotten smaller and they couldn't hear it, but it still showed up on the echo cardiogram.  This year they couldn't hear it and it did NOT show up on the echo.  YEA!!! It is gone.  We were so happy to hear that good news and thank God for his healing.   

 Tanek waiting with his mommy for the ekg.
 Thankful these don't hurt.
 It takes longer to put all the tabs on than the test actually takes.
 Then it is time to take them all off.
 And then you wait to see the doctor.
 He is a good doctor.  Thankfully he couldn't hear anything that shouldn't be there.
Doing an echo to be sure!   YEA!  It was all good news.

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