Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Visit to the Allergist

Today I went with Stephanie and Tanek to see an allergist.  Tanek has been having some problem with allergies.  They did blood work a couple weeks ago and found him to have lots of allergies.  A scratch test confirmed just how many and to what.
 Pretty much he is allergic to all grasses, trees, weeds anything that grows outside plus peanuts, corn and soy.  A few other things too.
This test doesn't exactly hurt, but it isn't a very pleasant test either.
 If the scratches become welts and red they are a positive result.  As you can see out of 50 different tests, he is pretty much allergic to everything.
 These scratches made him very itchy and even run a temp.  After he went through all the tests we took him to Applebee's to dinner to reward him for all he went through. Now the big decision is how to treat this.  The doctor recommends shots.  Once a week for more than a year and then less often for 3-5 years.  

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Alice said...

poor kid! i've been through this, too, but i was considerably older! i hate that he had to go through this :( he looks like a trooper, though!