Monday, March 19, 2012, swimming and planting the garden

 Kirsten attending her calculus class by way of skype.  Fun school!
 Emily was determined to go swimming
 And she loves her papa
 To say the water was cold (69 degrees) is an understatement
 But kids are determined
 After a short time in the pool they were ready to warm up in the tub
 Because papa had just had surgery a few days before the garden was planted by the grands with the help of Richard.  Gardening is "not" one of Richard's favorite things to do, but he has many talents and was ready to lend a helping hand to his dad.
 Plowing up the rows to be planted.  Our good friend Don had rota tilled it up earlier so it was ready for rows to be put in.
 Kirsten was ready to cool off after class
 Hannah our nature girl was learning how to drive the tractor
 She did very well and enjoyed it.

 Emily and Tanek each had a ride on it too.

 Everyone had the chance to plant a row of peas.  This year it really is a family garden.
 This would be a first for Richard
 He may pick them, but he sure won't eat them.
 Hannah has a green thumb.  We need her here to help with the gardening.
Even Kirsten had a turn on the tractor.  I don't think it was nearly as much fun as driving her papa vroom vroom's jeep though.

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