Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family Pictures

March 7th, was Richard and Heather's 20th wedding anniversary.  They came to Florida and we all went to LaFiesta for dinner.  That is his favorite place to eat.  He then took his family over to the Duck Pond where he proposed to Heather for a 2nd time giving her a anniversary ring.  (Good thing she accepted a 2nd time).  It was a nice moment for his girls to see daddy proposing to their mom.

Here is our Hannah banana.  She will celebrate her 12th birthday on March 12.  We had a birthday celebration for her with  most of the family here on Friday night. Hannah is a very special girl.

 Kirsten, our oldest grand-child is no longer a child.  She is now 16, soon to be 17.  She is driving and also looking into colleges.  She is a very smart girl and has a great head on her shoulders.  She attended a couple classes via skype while sitting on the patio in the warm Florida sunshine.
 Our "son".  Spent a good bit of time doing some jobs for us since the hubs is out of commission right now.
Emily and Tanek playing on the i-pod.
 This generation is all about electronics.  Give them an i-pod, an i-phone and they are content for hours.


 Emily and her new pillow pet lady bug from nana & papa

Tanek, with Uncle Richard
We had a good visit, and I will post more pictures.  It was a short visit but very nice.  Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the kids helping plant papa's garden for him.

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Alice said...

they are growing up so fast! i can't believe kirsten is driving already!