Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Beautiful Disney Trip!

We spent Sunday and Monday at Disney. Sunday was the most beautiful day. Temps around 80 with a nice breeze, sunny, not real crowded. We were able to do so much in one day. We spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom and then took the monarail to Epcot. Got checked into our hotel and then went back to the Magic Kingdom. We had an extra 2 hours after it closed to spend there because we were staying at one of the resorts. It was a great day and couldn't have been more pleasant. Below is just a few shots of the beautiful scenery. I love to just walk around and look at all the landscaping.

Epcot was really nice., I had never been to Epcot before and really enjoyed looking around there. This tree was so pretty. Don't know what kind it was, it has a trumpet like flower.

I just love this big ball. It just really interested me. I think the picture of it against the blue sky is so pretty.We stated at the All Star Resorts. It was really neat. It was so convenient to the parks and a really enjoyable place to stay.

My sweet little grand-son LOVES riding the Disney bus. He is just very very excited about these buses. Several people have teased that we could find him a cheaper bus ride, but no other bus would do. Sunday night coming back to the hotel for some reason he didn't think the bus we were on was a Disney bus. I think it was because the seats were arranged different. He kept saying "this is not the Disney bus" it is just "the bus". No matter what we said he was determined that we were not on the Disney bus and he wasn't happy about it. The next day we were sure to point out the Disney on the side of the bus so he would know it was a Disney bus.
He loved seeing all the big busses and riding them. This was one of the biggest highlights of his Disney trip, riding the "Disney Bus".

Looking out the window of the Disney Bus.
So many busses. So little time.



Wife and Mom said...

Tanek is just so precious and I love seeing the world through his little curious eyes. I am glad that you all had a nice trip together and the weather was certainly beautiful for Disney.

Karen said...

Great pictures - love the one of Stephanie and Tanek. You're so lucky to live so close to fantasy land!

Alice said...

Kali and I flew into the Orlando airport today from Austin, Texas. We could see Epcot from the air. We recognized the big round ball, as well as a few other things. Really cool!